ImageFlex has Arizona’s largest selection of pre-owned office equipment.
100% of the reliability with 30% of the cost.

ImageFlex offers quality pre-owned copiers and printers to the public at one third of the cost of buying new.

By partnering with Southwest Equipment Brokers, the largest wholesaler of used equipment in the state of Arizona, ImageFlex has first access to a warehouse full of copiers and printers, but accepts only the top two percent of the inventory to sell to the public in Arizona.

The Wholesaler moves thousands of machines through its warehouse in Tucson, Arizona to overseas clients in China, India and many other countries.

With over sixty years experience in the office equipment business, the technicians at ImageFlex know which printers and copiers are the cream of the crop and have the expertise to rejuvenate them to “like-new” standards by replacing the inner workings of the machine that wear out over time with normal use. As a result you, the ImageFlex customer, receive 90% of the printer’s life with 100% of the productivity, reliability and the same warranty as a new machine at 30% of the costs.

ImageFlex came about when two local companies, each with over 20 years experience in business equipment sales and repairs, joined forces to become one of the largest copier and printer companies in the southwest. You can trust ImageFlex to give you risk free service and your satisfaction guaranteed.